Girl is playing hard to get or not interested?

I'm interested in this girl and we've been hanging out quite a bit lately, sometimes one on one and other times with other people. She has many guy friends, not an issue with me but my issue is mostly the inconsistency with her. There's been a few times where I was going somewhere and asked her to come along with me but she would say she's busy or something along those lines. However for bigger events that may take up quite a bit of time like concerts or nightclubs she'll come along and we'll have the best time ever. Holding hands, laughing, hugging, and arm around her, all that good stuff. Some flirting goes on. When I started seeing signals that she may be interested I took it as a good ahead and asked her out but she couldn't because of legitimate reasons. Even after denying my few requests of dates she still is around talking to me and going to events with me. I've never had to deal with a girl like this, this girl is very independent and outgoing but at the same time shy. I'm usually used to girls who gives me very clear signals they're interested by making time for me asking me to go places. This girl do asks me to go places but when I ask back she's usually evading it, at least on the smaller scale things like drinks or dinners. Another thing is she has complimented me before on my features and even told me something reminded her of me. My main concern is if this girl just has a huge filter to filter out guys that are there to mess around and waste her time or if she's not that interested? I've never dealt with this type of girl so I'm very confused.


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  • You are offering her date's and she knows this thats why she is saying no to dinner and little things, concerts and other events are usually not seen as dates. She has you in the friendzone and she is not leading you up a path to nowhere she is trying to make it clear that friends is all it is. She obviously doesn't want to hurt you by coming straight out and saying im not interested in being your gf as this may cause distance between you and she enjoys your company as a friend. Im sorry but for now its friends or nothing and you shouldn't try to push it if you actually do care for her.


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  • put the ball in her court. If she wants to date you, then have her come up with a time that she's free and ask you, that way you know she's not just making excuses. Let her know that you want to know where you stand, and leave it up to her.

    • She does ask me to go places with her and we did that's why I'm confused. That's why it's a bit hot and cold. I made it clear that I do like her from asking her out already so I know she knows that. I should've also mentioned a person told me that's how she usually is, it's really difficult to read her and know if you're progressing with her.

    • communication. the end.

  • I'm like this girl. She isn't interested in you romantically. She likes your company and likes u as a friend, but I'm sorry she's not interested

    • One thing I should also say is someone who has dated her said that she's very difficult to read and you don't know if you're progressing with her.

      I have 2 questions, how do you act when you're interested? Everybody is different but I just wanna know how you do since you probably have a similar mindset.

      Have you ever starting liking someone after a while? I really dislike sticking around as I like to make my intentions clear in the beginning. As I did with her, I made it clear I like her by flirting and asking her out.

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    • The more you say the more it seems like she is comfortable around you and can be herself, but women know men always want what they can't have so this is why she is doing the dancing and leaving you hanging its called psychology!! A woman's attraction skills. we all have them but usually we use them to gain a partner, she doesn't want a significant other because she likes the attention she gets from all guys it makes her feel confident and wanted, having a boyfriend kills that off and she would need to change how she acts as you would not like to observe this behaviour from your gf!!! But as friends she can acts how she likes with whoever she likes.

    • When someone is interested in another there is certain signs putting your hands on places that grip another's attention such as thigh or arms, leaning close together when talking always looking into eachothers eyes, body language always relaxed, making time for you even if it is only to go pick up dry cleaning they will want to go. Your barking up the wrong tree with this chick i would say. If im interested i don't make men chase me they eventually get bored but i dont rush in either she isn't giving you any green lights!!!

  • I would back up a bit and see what she does, honestly.


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