Is it considered a date if a guy ask you to go to a social gathering with him?

So I recently told this guy I liked him. He never said whether he liked me back or not. However, I did tell him I would like to hang out sometime, and he invited me to a social gathering with him. He said he would love for me to accompany him.


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  • What the hell is a social gathering? Lol
    You mean a party? Umm, how am I supposed to know? I need detail, did he sit close to you? Did he touch you? Was he talking to you whole time you were I'm that party? Eye contact? Smile? Flirt? ... etc.

    • He invited me to watch the Walking Dead with his friends and we also work together.

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    • Hmm.. well after I told him I liked him, I found a cute note from him the next day at work. He does stare at me and initiate contact sometimes. On the other hand, he did tell me I was really shy..

    • You already told him? Oh well your half way there... Ok didn't see that.
      Depends on how long it's been, but since you already told him whats up and he still hasn't made a move on you... Then I don't think he is interested.

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  • Hmmm that's a tough one. He may be undecided and plans to scope u out at this social gathering

    • That's what I'm thinking.

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