In love with my best friend's crush?

So I've liked this guy for a while. He's fun, friendly, funny and gets along with everyone. I've had a secret crush on him ever since we met.
Unfortunately, we don't see each other often so we hardly talk.

I met my close friend earlier this year and she met him and his best friend. She was almost in a relationship with his best friend.
But he dropped her because she got clingy, so now she is diverting her feelings towards my crush.

I never told her I've liked him, especially now since she likes him, too!

He said that he wanted to stay friends with her. I feel like there's hope but since they are close, I feel like she has the upper hand with him. They text and talk but I don't know what he feels.

He doesn't even know I like him...

Ah, what should I do?


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  • Just tell your friend about it. I've been through a similar situation like that and my best friend was okay with it actually. She didn't mind me having a crush on the same guy. It was hard to tell her that I liked the guy but in the end she was very considerate about it. Just give it a go being honest there might be a good outcome I mean your friendship wouldn't just end because of a boy right? So be honest because friends are there to support each other and be loyal.


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  • I mean it's not like there aren't 3.5 billion other males on the planet right? oh wait


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  • i guess you should be honest with your feeling. it's really hard to keep it, esp when the involved party is your best friend.

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