Social media and texting are making me insecure?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a month. We spend time together almost every day, and we text throughout the day. His friends and co- workers tell me how much he talks about me and that he adores me. So, I am not worried about his interest in me. My concern is that sometimes when we hang out he answers his texts immediately, and I think he even turns his phone at a slight angle away from me. I have not asked who he was texting or looked at his phone. I also have been a bit worried when I see him adding girls on Twitter and having flirty convos with them, or liking girls pictures on
Instagram. I know I shouldn't look, but I guess I am just feeling insecure. Everything is great except it seems social media and the worry that he might be flirting by text with other girls is bugging me.
I feel like it is too soon to be that jealous, annoying girlfriend. Since we spend almost every day together, I do not think he is meeting up with someone else. I just need to demonstrate self confidence! This guy told me he has not had a girlfriend in two years, and he was very excited when he asked me to be his girlfriend because girls he has met don't want committment or are too shallow. Should I ask him about the text messages and flirting on social media?


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  • if u see a girls pic that he liked or what eva just ask him casually like ur just showing an interest oh whos that person but do it with a couple of guys to so then he doesn't pick up on the whole jealousy thing

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