What should I text him back saying...?

hey guys I need your help...

I've been seeing this guy and last weekend we finally slept together. Since then he has been a little distant! anyway yesterday he texted me asking if I would like to do something today, I said that would be nice and asked him to call me today to confirm a time. Its now 4.30 and I've herd nothing all day! so I think I've been played! My question to you is what do I say when he text's me which I know he will!

I basically wanted to say in a nice way that if he couldn't meet me then a text would have been nice so I could have made other plans, and that I don't want to be a booty call! But I don't know how to word it...? I don't wanna come across like a nagging bitch, I kinda wanna leave the ball in his court.!

i just texted him and he said he is not feeling well as he has been out on p*ss for the last two nights! can we make it one night next week! What a load of SHIT!


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  • text him like are we still going to do that thing you mention earlier

    or maybe he is planning to surprise you with something


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  • My advice to you will be just text him again saying "Hope you will feel better, take a rest." About next week, I don't think I can make it, I have friend's b'day party to go to (well this is my example, you can say anything you want to). Maybe 2 weeks from now. Bye.

    Move on, go out have fun and learn from this experience to not sleep with a guy if you see a potential in him. Wait until he wants to be exclusive.