How to stop obsessing over him a?

I get mad for no reason. I make up things in my head for no reason. he rejected me and we remained friends but I'm mad at him
I want to let go but it's hard.. I keep stalking and ruin it for myself.. I know I can do better.. I know I am strong. how can I let go


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  • You have to just do it cold turkey. Pick a day to not contact him. If a day is too long, focus on not contacting him for an hour. If an hour seems too long, focus on not contacting for 10 minutes. Occupy your time with things unrelated to him.

    • I am good at no contact but I think I want his attention. So I get mad when he posts things

    • He will not give you the attention you want. Block him from social media if him posting things bothers you.

What Girls Said 1

  • I would say stop being friends with him that might help or just stop talking to him for awhile then if you want resume friendship after your obsession isint there anymore.