There's this one girl that won't leave my mind still?

There was this girl who I was acquaintaces with for a while in attempt to try to date her and got turned down every time I tried to do so in March and August 2014, and clearly she wasn't interested and wasn't really showing any signs.

Now there were other girls I was interested and asked out too (all of which turned me down), but this one girl... I always have images of her floating around in my head for some reason and sexually fantasizing about her is still the most efficient way for me to masturbate and I still feel those sparks whenever I look at her or am near her. I don't know... she just pushes all my attraction buttons somehow.

Is this normal, even for a girl who didn't show interest? And when will this pass? This has been true since February 2014 and even after getting rejected for the second time in August 2014, and I don't have any intention of pursuing her anymore... but still the images won't leave my head...

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  • let me tell a shortnized story: `the thing or things you run from the hardest and forest, you want the most...` at the end you will get what you deserve, yes I do have fantasies to of this particular girl who tossed me in the bin of depleted love, but that makes me want her even harder... normal? why not, of course... it`s all mental and psychological warfare and the heart is the victim at the end. Just don`t forget to keep fantasy fantasy and reality reality or you might just get stuck in inbetween.


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