How do I get into dating? Am I undateable?

I've been wondering what I've been doing wrong in the past year. All my friends are in couples or at least seeing someone and no one is interested. I just wondered whether it is because I'm really ugly or because of my personality. I never had a problem with it before but recently even my closest friends have started dating, my mum asked me to stop focusing so hard on a career and find boyfriend and now it's getting to me. What should I do? Should I be more outgoing? Is it because most of my friends are white so the guys I hang around with probably don't find me attractive. What do I do?


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  • The best thing to do is try your best to meet more people. You maybe just focusing on work to much, or hanging around the same folks to much. Try expanding your horizons and join different clubs in your community. There is a website called Meetup. com and it is all about getting like minded folks together to do stuff they enjoy doing. The website help me find some awesome friends that I play board game with regularly. Just keep expanding your horizons and meet more people! The boyfriend will follow suite.

  • -maybe face problem
    -maybe closed up
    -put too much expectations on dating


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