Will being honest push her away?

Me and ex just started talking again. We've been off and on for 4 years now and we never really left on bad terms. She had a baby daddy that she was trying to work things out with for her child and I was still a partier from my 5 yr relationship before her. Everytime she and her boy broke up we would reconnect. Now it's to the point where I'm looking for something real bc I've had plenty of fake relationshits. I want to tell her that and that I can't really take her serious bc of the times we stopped talking she would run back to her boy.. Should I bite my lip and go with it or should I tell her what's on my mind


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  • You should definitely speak on how you feel but in a gentle manner. Don't tell her that you cannot take her seriously but ask her if she is all in because you know what you want and that is something real, with her, if she is all in then you are all in...

    Word play a bit. Comfort her about you two while also stating how you feel.


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