Do you think he genuinely cares for me? where do you think this relationship is headed?

I've been seeing this guy for a couple of months. so usually after sex we cuddle and fall asleep and wake up together the next day, and hang out and chill. but last time i felt uncomfortable around him so i left while he was sleeping. when he woke up to find i was missing, he called and texted me. i went over again this week and i had totally forgotten that i had left last time, but he suddenly asked me "youre not going to leave again are you?" "do you feel uncomfortable?" and "please dont leave like that". when we woke up he asked me if i slept well.

other notes: i overheard his housemate refer to me as his housemates girlfriend so i asked his housemate what did he say i was? he said "i said you are the girl my housemate is seeing".


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  • Sure sounds like he is into you and cares about you. Just based off this I'd say it has a chance to turn into something legit. But at the same time guys that call a girl theyre seeing their girlfriend before ever making it official can be somewhat clingy and creepy. But I don't know the guy so yea.

    • hmm well he doesn't seem like the clingy type all. he seems quite independent in the sense that he can go to parties by himself because he enjoys socialising and meeting new people, he can even go to the beach by himself. he himself didn't say i was his girlfriend, it was his housemate that was trying to introduce me to his friend (which i think his friend was interested in me and asking if i was single etc). but yeah! even if there isn't anyone around, there's no pda or clinginess. we just chat like friends keeping a distance.

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