Over for good or just a break?

So my boyfriend has been super stressed out lately cause he's a senior in college and he's been emotionally unavailable towards me so last night we decided too end things not cause we don't like each other anymore but cause he's stressed out and last night while I was crying my eyes out he had too hang up the phone cause I could tell he was about too start crying too.. He said he still wants too talk but I can't just be his "friend" right now and he said he can't say if we will ever get back together or not cause he can't make that kinda promise but I really want things too work out between us. And he said that it makes him upset and not happy too do this and that he's not going too talk too other girls.. advice?


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  • Give him some space. Keep talking to him but don't pressurize him into doing anything. Let things flow, see where it goes. It may just be a phase he's going through and he may realize and come back, or he may have been looking for a subtle way to break up with you. It doesn't mean he'd want to date other girls right now, and he obviously still feels an emotional connection to you if he was about to cry. Give him a reasonable amount of time, stay in his life as a friend for now but be discreet and continue with your own life at the same time (=don't cling on him) and see if there's any progress in the next 2-3 months. If by then he's still 'emotionally unavailable' and hasn't taken any steps towards rekindling your relationship, then it's probably time for you to move on.