I apologized but don't really know what he meant?

We had a fight. I admitted I was wrong and apologized. I told him that "I hope this doesn't come between us." He said that it will not be spoken of again. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean exactly what it says that he doesn't want to discuss it anymore? Or rather that I just may as well forget about us?


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  • He accepts your apology, and he will put the argument you had behind him, so he will never bring it up again, its over and done with, and you will both just move forward with your relationship together, not letting the incident come between you, so you are forgiven

    • Thank you sooo much! Yes, I thank you not for just the thoroughness of your answer but also for the way or manner in which you gave it.

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    • @citroen @Asker "... so you are forgiven" - just a point to note: be careful with 'forgiven' It sounds like this could be 'forgotten' but never forgiven!

    • I dont know how serious your argument was, but the true strength of a relationship is measured in bad times not the good, maybe its best u wait until he contacts you, we all say things to people we shouldn't say, but you can't punish yourself forever for any wrong u do, a persons actions wil tell you everything you need to know , you need to ask yourself if you can deal with your relationship, cos if he's like this with others and he's obviously starting to do it with you, are you really strong enough to go through it, cos it won't be a one off he will continue to do this to you if he has issues in his life, if he misses you he will call, if he wants you he will say it, if he cares he will show it , and if he can't or doesn't then you need to think about standing back and take a look at the relationship from the outside, you can only be there for him and make it work if he allows u too, by letting u in,