How to know if a guy is loosing intrest in you? Is it normal he hasn't asked me out for a second date yet?

I went out with this guy last Tuesday and overall i think the date went really well! I look for typical guy signs that he likes you for example he was almost always looking me in the eye. His legs were spread (i think we know what that mean) and he teased me a couple times as well! At the end of the date he gave me a hug and said we would talk soon. I've seen him at school and weve said hi a couple times too. After the date tho he hasn't been texting me as often and he responds after hours... But he still asks me questions when the conversation dies. I dont know what to think! Is he still intrested? Is it normal he hasn't asked me out for a second date yet?


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  • Really? spread legs is a sign of interest? I thought it was just so something doesn't get squished and has breathing room lol. We would have to be psychic to tell you if he likes you or not or why he hasn't asked you out yet. from what you say tho, maybe you thought it went well but it seems like it was a little off for him and he is trying to clarify some stuff. give him time, it can only go one of two ways when he is done, it can stay like this or he can ask you out again.
    (honestly, i'd say don't hold your breath though. if he went from date to "hi"... yea... he's measuring pros and cons and you ain't doing so hot)


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