2 boys who are friends likes me at the same time. What should I do?

So I met two really nice boys on internet some time ago in one web community. After talking with them several hours in several days (in private chat) they both told me that they love my personality and asked if I wanted to be their girlfriend nearly. After I got the confirmation from both guys that they really like me "in that way" I carefully told to both of them that there is other guy aswell who likes me too and I told them that they knew each other. (They have been friends very long before meeting me) Now they are like "competing" of me. Both of them are paying compliments to me more than earlier and "joking" all the time which one gets me. They said that whichever I would choose it would be ok because they only want me to be happy. I really like both of them. If I start a relationship with one of them in the near future, the other one will be sad and I don´t want to ruin their friendship if I choose one. (They said that it wouldn´t have any effects to their friendship but I know that somebody is going to get hurt emotionally.) Also I cannot allow that somebody is sad or depressed, especially my friends. If the one who is been "left out" is really sad I cannot focus on the dating the other.

Should I just pick one randomly or just ingore them? I don´t want to unfriend them because they are really great as friends and mybe as lovers too.

The case is here in nutshell. If you need any extra information I can give it if it helps to solve the problem. Thank you for your interest!


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  • be careful with meeting people from the internet


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