Need some advice on how to handle this - Do I wait it out? Or is it over?

So this girl and I started dating about 6 weeks ago. We immediately hit it off. Went to dinner and a concert the next week then date after date, met her sister. I had to go on a business trip for about 10 days after we hung out for three days in a row. Everything seemed fine. I told her I was going to miss her and may have over done it a bit, but I just wanted her to know I was going to be thinking about her. She became kind of distant the first week I was gone and asked what was up and she said she was really overwhelmed with the stress of her upcoming surgery (getting her gall bladder removed) and really wanted to focus on her health. Plus, she really thought she couldn't give the affection I gave her (I am naturally really affectionate when dating and in a relationship) and she wasn't sure what she wanted. I told her that I really liked her and she said the same about me. I gave her space for about five days and sent her flowers the following week we talked and everything seemed great. I even fedex'd her a pizza from a famous Chicago pizza place (I was in Chicago the for business). She loved it all. We hung out the following Saturday and her illness was really affecting her and she just wanted to watch a movie. So we did and I stayed over and we cuddled all night. The topic of dating other people came up and she said she wasn't dating anyone else and I said I wasn't either and we left it at that. The topic came up again later that night and she said she wasn't in the dating mood because her health and that she was going to be gone the next few weekends. I said I am the exception to that, but she said she doesn't want to date anyone and that she's a mess (mentally). She went back to saying I need someone that give back what I give. We somewhat ended it the next morning she said she is just overwhelmed. I told her she has my number and that I hope I hear from her again and to take all the space she needs.

So what's my play? Wait it out? Send flowers in a week?


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  • She's involved with other things but not committed to them enough to cut you loose, so she's stringing you along on a very long, distant string w/o care that you might jump off to something more tempting.
    That lack of care = jump off that string!
    Even if she comes back to you, it will b/c she's not got some other distraction (yet) so is just burning time with you.
    Not a great future for you.
    Shop elsewhere ASAP


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