I overheard a girl talking about me, does it sound bad? "... but he's dark and mysterious." ?

I heard my name mentioned and they looked in my direction but i could only catch "... but he's dark and mysterious."

My thinking is age old thought that anything that comes after but is little compensation from the downer that must have come before it... how bad does it sound?

What does "dark and mysterious" mean anyway?


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  • Dark and mysterious= bad boy with a heart of gold for most girls. They just got to unravel the mystery that is your dark outer shell that blocks people out to find the teddy bear that is the deep down you.


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  • Like you are creepy

    • For real? They're barely acquaintances all they'd really have to go on is how I look and a few dozen words, how could i be considered a creep?

    • Well it can be good to i guess like your mysterious.. haha girls are weird we usually dont know what we are talking about

  • I think it's just how it sounds. Sounds like my type haha

    • I honestly have no idea what so ever how it sounds... how does it sound?

    • Well to me it means that they're a little more complex than other people. Not all that meets the eye sort of thing. Not a bad thing in my opinion.

  • I have never referred to a guy that I like as dark and mysterious but I have said mysterious about a guy that intrigued me, I mean he was really like hot and cold so it made me want to know him


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  • The way I always saw it is, a mysterious guy means a guy that cannot be known. Because you are introverted, shy/socially awkward (or anti-social) and keep to yourself probably. So they don't know if you are a good guy or a bad guy. They just know you are a mystery to them.

    This can be good or bad. I know for a fact that some girls are attracted to dark and mysterious guys. Some girls (who are curious in nature) find that kind of guy really sexy. They want to solve the puzzle that you are and unlock your potential or secrets. But of course, other girls will just be kind of scared of you since they don't know what kind of person you are on the inside.

    In the end, I think it mostly comes down to this: A dark and mysterious good looking guy = hot. A dark and mysterious under average looking guy = creepy.

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