He has pictures I don't want him to have?

I met this boy not too long ago, lets call him J. J and I met over texting because of a mutual friend named F. F also introduced us in school. Me and J started talking on our own and really hit it off. Then all 3 of us went to the movies. Last Saturday, F had a party. J and I were invited. At the party, we were watching horror movies. We cuddled and held hands the whole time. Turns out, F took pictures of us. He won't delete the pictures, so I started arguing with him. I told him he has no purpose to have the pictures. After shouting at each other, he finally spit it out, sort of. He said "Trust me you would appreciate it in the future." and I was like "Why?" and he was like "I can't say! how but trust me you would thank me." And I said "What? Are you sworn to secrecy or something?" and he said "Yes! I am sworn to secrecy on how I know! I just know you would like me to have them." then he told me he had to go and he doesn't want me to ask him about it anymore. What does he mean? I mean I think J likes me because of what happened, so F is probably trying to keep his friend's secret? Do you think J will ask me out? What's going on?


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  • J wants to date you and F knows that later on when you guys are in a serious relationship that picture will be "aww look at how cute we were, this is when we first started dating".

    • That's what I thought! I guess I'm right! Thank you :)

    • Thanks for most helpful. Wonder why all the down votes, oh well. Hope things go well with you and j

    • No problem haha I think you're right about it and that's what my friends seem to think too :) And thank you!!

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  • did that guy took pics WITHOUT your permission?

    • Yeah he took pictures without my permission

  • I'd just say to him cut the bullcrap and delete the photos.

    But the problem you have is that he could back them up to his computer or something, which is the point the photo will become hard to track.

    • I was screaming at him to delete them. He did but beforehand he sent them to himself so he could just save them again. But I'm confused because he said I will appreciate it in the future.. He is really good friends with J so I'm wondering if maybe he knows that J likes me and is going to ask me out?

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    • No clue, but if that was his intention, then at least you have something to nullify it with. But he shouldn't have those photos.

    • I agree. He should respect the fact that I don't want him to have them. He showed another kid in school the pictures, so I showed like 8 people the video. He says he actually wants me to show the video because it shows his "sense of humor" so I guess its not really payback :(

  • is it just me or did i hear the mission impossible theme throughout reading this whole thing? sounds covert..

  • No offense, but if you were not naked or underdressed in the photos, then there is no need whatsoever for him to delete them besides the fact that you HAVE to control what happens with them. You said that F had no purpose to have the pictures, so why not let him have it? Imagine it in a different scenario, you were with your friend and you took a picture of them while they were sleeping in the car or on the plane or wherever and they have a funny expression on their face in that particular picture. They then demand you to delete the photo, and you ask why. Their answer being, "because you have no purpose with that photo!" You would think they are a total CONTROL FREAK. BAM! That is what F is thinking. IT DOES NOT MATTER! IT IS NOT GOING TO HURT YOU! Go and yell at all of the stores/building with security cameras in them for taking your picture...

    • I mean, I guess you're right. I never saw it that way

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  • what were the pics like of? was it you just holding hands?

    • Its pictures of me and J cuddling and holding hands. Its not bad but there's absolutely no reason for F to have these pictures.