It's been 2 months and still he won't lay claim to our relationship?

Why not? Why doesn't he say anything to anybody publicly? I put the story out there because I wanted to publicly claim him. He does have a bit of a rep as a player and I wanted to warn other girls off him. He said he's liked me for several years as we met years ago.

He tells me he doesn't want to hurt me and now I think he is not ready for that type of commitment. What is wrong here? He made all the moves, contacted me, romanced me, bought me gifts and now is cooling it off. We haven't seen each other for two weeks now. Should I just take the hint? I have fallen for him though. What do I do? I am divorced and have small kids and he doesn't have any commitments to anything. I am hurt and confused by his behaviour.


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  • Having no commitments at his age should have warned you. He never will be the committed sort. He's probably very selfish also. Move on, sorry

    • Thank you. He's younger than me (27) & I was flattered by all the attention from him after going through a rough Summer. He dangles me and I can't let it go. I will have to learn to do this though as it's causing me so much anxiety and stress. I wonder where he is all the time. I need to heed your advice, thank you.

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