I see a lot of people on GAG saying they met a girl or a guy online and are dating or in a LDR with them. How did you meet?

Seems like dating on the Internet is really hard unless you're really hot or you've known the person for a while. How does it end up happening? What sites do you go on?


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  • People just start talking and have things in common. I recommend asking a girl out on a real date within Internet chatting for a week or two. My last ltr came from online and we were both pretty average. We met on match, which success seems to be stacked towards young professionals and more athletically inclined people, from experiences I've heard.

    I work with another girl who is chubby average and met a chubby average guy on okcupid. I've heard eharmony is good for more conservative (not necessarily politically, but behavior-wise) minded people. Plenty of Fish seems pretty freaky.


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  • I really discourage LDRs, I don't feel like they work in 90% of cases.

  • Ya this happens a lot. I'm surprised GAG hasn't become a major hub for dating lmao.