Been dating two months, but he still has his online profile up? Stringing me along?

We met online, and go out about 1x per week or 2 weeks. We are both fairly busy, mostly me, but that will lighten up next week. (I closed my account already for another reason).
We have a great time when are out and he seems interested in me. But in between our dates, I either hear from him every day or sometimes only 1-2x during the week. We haven't had sex, but we've made out heavily.

He is a nerdy, very intelligent guy. A little insecure around women, attractive but doesn't know it kind of guy.

Is he stringing me along? I find that hard to believe cause he is so genuine.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe because he has met you he doesn't even think about the account so he hasn't even been back on to close it.

    • Oh, I should add, I check on his activity... and it often says "Online Today" or "Online this week"... hmm not looking good me thinks

    • Okay this is a different story. It's possible for that their are other women talking to him so in case you don't work out he has other options.

What Girls Said 1

  • Unless you guys are comitted, it is still fair game. Lots of guys like to boost their egos by checking their emails and such. Doesn't have to really mena he is looking. After two months, it is still legal to have the profile up as long as you guys didn't state you were exclusive.