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Okay so I am talking to this guy who after 2 weeks decides to confess that he's in love with me (already) which is scary. but he's really sweet and we have a lot in common, except he drinks and parties whereas i hate alcohol. Considering im also a virgin i think he's way more experienced then me. the past few days we haven't talked much, we haven't really seen each other in maybe a week and a half. I thought it was one of those flings that just faded out. So then there's this really sweet guy who has caught my interest. He doesn't drink, he's athletic (so is the other guy) he's very gentleman like and knows chivalry. but I'm still hooked on the other guy.. They don't know about each other and I don't know how to resolve my problem. I've been flirting with both... in a way to keep options. One is going away for a while, and the other goes to the same college as me.. What do I do


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  • Logic would say to go with the guy who there is less you dislike about him. Just because what you dislike about guy 1 probably won't go away soon or at all and could probably lead to problems down the road. Plus you said yourself its seeming to fade out. Give guy 2 a shot

  • im gonna get two things off my chest before i answer this. so when we keep options we are douches? but when girls do, its fine?
    also which one is going away and which one staying? i have run about 10 different possibilities already.. but you weren't clear. so far, I'm leaning towards the partier. i'll tell you when you answer my question about who is going away or staying

    • The partier is going away. And I mean I feel absolutely awful because its not like me to have options in the first place, I like to stick with ONE guy only which is why I need help so I can stop leading the other one on. They both have good characteristics and they are both good guys. I just know its wrong to treat them how I am.

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    • So should I continue to talk to both of them then? And thanks for your opinion it really helps. I just feel awful..

    • you can, but you will have to friend zone one for now. unless you want to be a player... which at your age, i'd say is not so bad. but you girls tend to do one at a time. usually why you end with less experience later on when tossed back out into the dating pool.

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