How do you ask a random girl out?

Let's say it's a girl you've never met or like you don't know the girl at all. How would you ask them out or go about asking them out? Without coming off as creepy lol
I've googled this and researched, but I still am not that sure of how it all works. I don't go on many dates lol if you couldn't tell


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  • Firstly try non verbal flirting, smiling, joking around, eye contact to get her attention. If u get reciprocal interest u can then step things up by getting more verbal which should hopefully lead to asking her out. It may take a but of time


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  • its pretty simple really... YOU DONT.
    considering the fact that if you walk up to a girl in an unorthodox situation to talk to her, that you are already considered creepy and judged. what you are asking for takes Years of tutoring and some skills... you are not going to get an answer from here.. everyone is gona tell you the first line i wrote.
    I've done it on numerous occasions though.. but I've been around lol.

    • Great to see the positivity! If what you said were true, there'd be a trillion single women out there

    • News flash brother.. there are. and I'm sorry if i came off negative but the question was asking a RANDOM girl out. before you do such a thing as asking a girl out, they have to know/be comfortable around you to some extent. (unless they are just greedy and want free stuff, ugh, had my share of those). so I'm not saying its not possible to ask a random girl out.. im just saying if you just walk up to some girl and ask her out, well, go ahead, try it and see.

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