What do you guys think about my situation?

So, on hot or not I met a guy, were both the same age-20 Im in WI. he's in NY- his career has taken off and he's already very successful and motivational and has been greatly supportive of me and helpful with my school situation.
we have a lot in common talking to him his comes so naturally he's the sweetest and most genuine person I've ever talked to and literally the kind of guy I dream out. Looks personality and all. we've skyped and snapchatted and texted and all that, he's real, im real. I get I still need to be careful but my god- I want this to work he offered to bring me out there and I cld stay with him or get a hotel for myself. I want to more than anything but whats stopping me is I've dealt with a long distance relationship and it was lets see eachother type of thing one excuse after another and it didn't work but this time, It truly feels right and different. OPINIONS/ pls keep rude remarks to yourself-only give your best interest for my situation

if you had a situation similar let me know how it went


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  • Are you willing to move? When are you ready to move?

    If you're willing to drop everything (since he's successful and might take a hit if he moves) and go for it, then yeah, you should go for it. Get money in the bank for a return ticket, and go with a suitcase after having packed all your shit for storage/moving later.

    ie: Don't do the long-distance. But do pursue it.

    • yes im willing, not sure if im ready but NY has to be a lot better for opportunities with college and jobs well if his career takes off, well be in Cali! I actually have a sister who livrs there also who was also in this same situation and now theye together! (:

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    • well yeah but I still gotta figure out if im staying there or not lol I might have to get a hotel

    • He offered to pay for a hotel, iirrc.

      Personally? I'd try saving him the money. I mean, you're pretty sure you like him. See if he can live with you, and keep his paws off for a day or two.. and if you can keep your paws off him.

      Long plane ticket (I think max is like 3 months?), means you roll over the ticket / get the refund, and stay until you've figured it out. Which is why you should box your shit up at home, since you may be gone, a good long time.

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