What else could it be that is stressing him out?

My bf has been crabby lately and never seems to want to do anything with me lately. Like we will cuddle once in awhile but not like we use to and we barely do it anymore. I asked him last night if it was work and he said yeah. And then I asked what else and he said everything. I just need a vacation away from stuff. Then I asked if it was me and he said no. But I think some of it is because we have been fighting every night. Why won't he tell me what's wrong? He said he doesn't like talking about it but he knows he can talk to me about anything. Also what else could it be that's stressing him out?

Anyone know?


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  • Well maybe he's afraid to open up all his feelings to you, have you ever had a open discussion about each others feelings before? Work is very stressful and maybe he's just having a rough time at work.

    • Yeah but he is one that hates talking about things. Which makes it hard to communicate with him alot. I know he has been stressed about money before. And within the last 4 months he bought a new pickup, a puppy and went half n half on a fish house with his cousin.

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    • Well he's a carpenter and works with his cousin. They have different hours all the time just depends on what they are working on.

    • Ohh ic, well maybe just ask him if he is having a financial crisis and maybe if you directly ask about that he might open up, even if it isn't a financial crisis he may correct you on what is actually going on.

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  • I think it may be a combination of stress and losing interested (maybe as a result of stress).

    cheating may be the cause or the result of this behavior.

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