I hate my ex bf for moving on so quick. Why do I feel like this?

My ex bf dumped me more than a week ago, saying at the time that he didn't want a relationship right now. I accepted it and said that if he needed time, then he should just let me now.

He basically took advantage of my feelings and how much I cared for him. One of our mutual friends told me that the day after dumping me, he started looking for a new girlfriend and that he is already back on the dating scene again.

I don't understand how he could just forget about me so quick and move on with his life.. I know I should move on too, but I'm having a hard time forgetting him. I hate him for take me for granted and playing with my feelings.

Why do I hate my ex so much?


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  • To me it seems like he was trying to break up with you nicely. He probably should have been truthful and not done that. But its ok to hate him. He wronged you. But if he was able to move on so quickly, maybe he's not worthy of your hatred and you should look for a guy more worth your time

    • Yeah, well he pretty much wanted me to break up with him by continuing to act shady. I guess I can only blame myself and should have seen the red flags from the beginning..

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  • I know how you feel. My ex, I heard he used me to make his ec jealous, and cheated on me. A week later after we broke up he got together with someone else. It hurts when this happens.

  • U in love girl... in order to hate somebody u gotta love them first !!! He lost his feelings for u suck it up its gonna take time... and when he comes back & most likely he will u better not take him back 😠👊