I started No Contact with him, now I miss him. Should I text him, or wait it out?

I stopped texting him because I felt like he was too hot and cold. When we're together its great, but when we're not he seems distant and too busy to think about seeing me again. The last time he texted me was Saturday (saying something meaningless , that didn't really warrant a response), so I ignored the text. He hasn't texted me since, I'm missing him now, but don't wanna seem like I'm going back on what I started or seem desperate like I can't go long w/o him. What should I do? What should I say if anything? We're kinda just friends with benefits , so I'm having sexual thoughts about him too. Help!!!

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  • That's stupid, Laying mines in a relationship. Why would you do that? We know when girls are playing games and we usually let you injure yourself on your own land mines.

    • I wasn't playing games, I actually got sick of his. When its time to meet up.. excuse... I figured i'd pull back and try to get him to miss me... its been its been 3days now of no contact.. is that long? Does it mean he's not that interested?

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    • That's good, I guess. I'm not sure though if it's just FWB.

    • Yea it is basically

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  • you already initiated no contact, stick to your guns. otherwise what does that say about you?

    • I know that's why I'm holding out texting him because I know if I give in he probably won't take me seriously next time. Its hard, but if he was thinking about me he would've contacted me which he hasn't so I guess its whatever.

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