Am I too slow to ask a girl on a date?

It seems like by time Im ready to ask a girl on a date she always says we should be just friends. Its happened to me numerous times. I start talking to a girl and its flirty back and forth but nothing comes of it. Just today I had to tell a girl that if she thinks we can only be friends i won't be able to talk to her much anymore because I've started to like her more than that. I dont feel like 3 weeks is too long for that to happen, but maybe my views are off or something. Its just so frustrating that time and again I start to like a girl Im talking to and I feel like im too late and they just see me as a friend by time I get confident enough to ask them out. Everytime its usually about 3-4 weeks tops, maybe i just have bad luck but its starting to reallt bother me. Should I start trying to set up a real "date" sooner or am I just having bad luck?


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  • You're not having back luck.
    You have been friend zoned bro.

  • I'd go with bad luck. Many guys have had plenty of luck knowing a girl for some weeks and then going on dates. (also women with men) As it happens, my gf and I knew each other at least 3 weeks before we started dating.

    Don't stress too much :/ And I'm impressed you have the guts to keep asking cute girls out :)

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