My best friend said something terrible. Is it true though?

So my best friend said that when dating someone your entertained for a while then you and the person your dating get into a hugefight and lose all intrest or 'spark' as she put it but then fix everything up temporarily then it gets bad again and your done. Thing is she has terrible dating experience and so does her mom so i just ignored her when she said that. But couls she be right? (I ask cause i just got into a relationship with a guy i really like)


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  • She probably goes for guys similar to her mum and area the same failings. It isn't true for everyone so don't worry about it, u may have similar or bad experiences in life but the key is learning from these and finding the right guy for u. Good luck

  • If she doesn't have much experience, then ignore her.

    • she has a lot she's a man hopper nd it always ends in her being broken hearted

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