Kinda dating a girl, just knew she has a boyfriend?

So I matched with this girl (she's on a vacation far away from her home for some months) on Tinder about a month ago and I thought she was really sweet and funny. Then we started flirting over Whatsapp and hitting it off pretty big. So at this point I felt like I was starting to like her, and I knew she was feeling the same. We met last friday, went on a walk for about an hour, just to get to know more about each other and stuff. We felt great so we went to a bar and then I moved on her and she was GAME, we pretty much did everything we could do in public.
We didn't have sex though because I think she didn't want to be the 'easy girl'. I saw her again the next day, went to a club with some friends of hers, we had a good time too and hit it off again at the end. And as we walked she'd hold my arm and my hand etc...
But today I was scrolling down her fb page and found a post of a guy (from her hometown) where he says he misses her and he loves her. Long story short, just found out he was her boyfriend and pretty sure he still is, but she never mentioned him before.

The craziest thing is she always gave that innocent and insecure vibe, and I was way too nice to her (but she knows she got me hooked, so she's pouncing on it). I kinda feel like a dumbass right now though seeing how I got played, but I would have NEVER seen this coming.

So here's my question : I'm probably gonna see her this weekend. And I'm definitely not liking her so much anymore. But do I confront her? I don't mind staying friends though, not gonna be a dick about it. But I just want to know what all this means cause I'm honestly confused. Did she just want a self-estime boost? Or was she just feeling lonely?


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  • I can't say why she did what she did but seems a bit screwy to me. Totally understand why you aren't as interested. Personally I wouldn't confront her I'd just firmly slip the relationship securely into friend zone regardless of how the other person acts. If she were to ask (and I'm sure she'll notice the different behavior) why you're acting different tell her. My words of choice would be something along the lines of "oh I saw you have a boyfriend I didn't want to get involved in that kind of relationship or get between you."

  • hmmm.. the way your describe her i would not think of her as someone who plays other guys while having a boyfriend.
    My advise would be; when you see her again this weekend and you feel like you care about it on a certain level, then just be honest and open to her and ask her about it.
    Be assertive, because you do have every right to now, since you two spent all that fun time together..

    good look,
    let us know?



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