Who do I have a crush on?

I used to know who I have a crush on but now all of these boys are jumbled up in my head.

Aiden- once I had a dream we were dating but in real life we have inside jokes and we throw paint at each other in art but never thought of dating him till the dream.

Luke- we've been best friends since kindergarden he snowboard which is a good thing cuz I ski people say we would be cute together even though everyone knows he has a crush on Maria he is extremely outdoorsy

Paul- I've known him since kindergarten I've always thought he was a mean jock until 6th grade when I found out he was really nice he is really cute he is the only boy in the grade taller than me and he is Italian witch is good cuz I am too he is popular and other girls say we would be cute together good at sports

Jake- really nice is popular and smart good at sports almost my height throws the best parties

Gianni- a grade older than me always first at X-country meets Italian really cute never has talked to me and is taller than me

Mark- really cute Italian my height is popular good at sports and there is a rumor that he has a crush on my best friend

  • Adian
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  • Mark
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  • Paul
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  • Gianni
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  • Luke
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  • Maybe Jake?


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