Should I tell her how I feel about her?

I met this girl and we met up a couple of times for coffee and such (but she brought a friend), but she found out from a friend that I said that she hated a friend of mine - which I had said as a joke, and then she said she didn't like being used to annoy someone else. I apologised and asked her to go to coffee so I could make it up to her, she said she was busy. I then left her a voicemail saying that I would like to clear up the misunderstanding that we have had and that she should leave me a message or a text and that if she didn't I hoped she had a nice life. That was a few weeks ago and we haven't spoken since. Do you think I should tell her that I really like her and such, purely because I think I will regret it if I don't at least thell her? Thanks

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We did seem get on great everytime we met.


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  • At first before the laughs and giggles on your part took place, sloppyjoe, things may have been peachy and king. However, after the yoke joke, leaving you with egg on your face Now------We haven't spoken since.
    No, absolutely not, don't say anything More to her dealing with Anything that just might make it more a rotten bunch. She is putting you purposely on her pay no mind list and with no returning a message on he rend, tells me she is giving you her own subtle hint That------Hopes you have a nice life too.
    Yes, for the fun of it, because you seem so gun ho to probably do Something, leave her one more quickie to let her know that coffee is still on and you meant to have a nice day instead.
    If you still don't get a reply, guy, move on, you have now learned a lesson in The Judge Joke and Executioner department on what Not to say when getting to know someone... this one seems to have shot you in the foot.
    Good luck. xx

    • The thing is I only said it because I wanted him to be sorry that he sent her a text at the end of mine saying "Would love to wreck that tw*t if you're free".

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    • So in your opinion there is no what to remain friends.

    • If she is not responding, the I do not see anything in sight.. and complimenting may only give her the "Rolling her eyes" Remark to her own self.. xx

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  • Pretty sure you're not gonna like the answer you get. There's no reason for her to say yes. Yeah you guys had a fun time once... But in her mind you "showed your true colors"
    Not saying that it's right, but girls are constantly taught to look out for red flags. And she saw some.

    • I would have thought that after the first time we met and I told her so much personal information about me, that she would know that I wouldn't usually do something like that. I am mainly worried that she is upset about a message my flatmate sent her at the end of my text saying "Would love to wreck that tw*t if your free". She seemed to laugh at it but I am worried that she thought it was me. Also after I said that I told him that she didn't like him as a joke, she said that from what he told her friend she wasn't so sure. I wanted to clear this all up.

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    • Do you think there's anyway we can remain friends.

    • I really doubt it

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  • You can tell her, in person, after another possible apology. but it seems you have kind of ruined the first few impressions. what ever she says when you do (which is likely gonna be No now) is pretty much final.

    • Yea, the problem was that the first time we met, I walked her home and we talked for like two hours on a bridge in the city centre talking, and then every time we met we flirted and joked around a lot. However know I just want a definitive answer to get over her.

    • so go get one.