Why would he bother replying if he’s not interested?

I met a guy and we spent all of last week texting back and forth. We’d tentatively agreed late on Halloween - after he finished working and I was done at the party I was going to. But he ended up finishing work early and I ended up slightly drunk and didn’t really want to have to leave the party early. I asked if I could see him like an hour later and he said it would be too late because he had to work all weekend.

After that I didn’t really hear from him all weekend. I text him on Monday to ask if he would like to go for a drink this week. And he replied saying he’d like to but was really really busy at work. He said he’d call if he got off work early one night and we could meet up then. He asked if that sounded to me? I replied saying it sounded like a plan and I hoped we could work something out.

I’ve not heard from him since then though. I know it’s only 2 days later, but we spent most of last week texting constantly. Do you think he’s genuinely busy and does want to meet up? Or do you reckon that he was trying to politely reject me? If he was, why would he even bother texting me back? Or asking if it was ok for him to let me know? Should I text him or just wait to see what happens? Did what happened on Halloween have anything to do with this?


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  • Everything seemed Hunky Dorey when pushing a few buttons the week before the Halloween party and with you ending up pie eyed, he may have gotten a slightly Different impression of you and it might have given him a small----Scare.
    And with his sporadic communication and not being Johnny on the spot with pushing a few buttons on his end, along with a few of his pay no mind list Excuses-------I've not heard from him since then though.
    He was being polite, sweeping you under the carpet like an ant. He didn't have the nice nerve to come out and say that his first impression was not all that he had dreamed of and now he has this sour ball since Fright nite and has gone back into hiding... it may have gone down a beaten path.
    For laughs and giggles if you are this Curious George, go ahead and send him a message that reads a friendly "Hi, how are you?" Wait for a response and see if he answers. And if he does and it seems pretty awkward, chalk it up that the party is over. And of course, if never replies, you would have found out even more that was in store that First impressions are one of the most important factors when first getting together. However, also believe that everyone deserves a second chance and this is one dude who may not bend in the road.
    I believe that even being a busy beaver, if he really cared and wanted to at least keep in touch, he would have pushed the right button to let you know he was thinking about you on his other end.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He is busy.

    Just wondering if he is not interested, you would rather him not text u back at all?

  • I don't think that he would bother text you if he wasn't interested. He probably has a lot of work at the moment. Just be patient...


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