What have I been doing wrong?

Im a 19 year old guy whose a virgin and never had a girlfriend in my life. Only ever kissed one girl before and I was almost 18 ( I know it sounds pathetic). I have asked several girls out and they either just think its a joke or ignore me. And all the girls i have ever tried to talk to just ignore me. I am 5'11 230 pounds and have to wear glasses. I dont consider myself very good looking but i see a lot of ugly guys get halfway decent looking girls. I just dont understand how people get together. Its like every girl has a boyfriend and if they happen to break up she already has another guy in mind, and the guy will get with another girl in no time. I dont really get out much but what is there to do? I dont drink and party and all the girls that are not in long-term relationships just want to party all the time. After you have graduated high school what is there to do where you can meet girls? I work on a dock at a feed store so there's really not much
Opportunity at work. Its not like i dont talk to girls either i do every opportunity try to compliment them and/or joke with them to make them smile but then what? Most of them you never see again. My friends tell me i try to hard and come off as desperate but then if you dont talk to them how would you ever find a woman? Now i know everybody will say "oh just wait one day you'll get one" but the chances really dont look good. No girl has ever really showed any interest in me. The one girl i kissed was a friend of my cousin kind of a setup and after that she wouldn't really have anything to do with me. Someone could tell me if its my looks or what but anyhow any advice would be appreciated.


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  • I would clean up your look a little bit. Shave the beard, try to lose some weight. Then start working in your confidence. You do have to approach women like you don't give a crap whether they want to go out with you or not. Be confident in yourself.

  • Brother man, if you are actively looking for a girl just to have a girlfriend you are going about it all wrong. At first you have to be OK with yourself. Be confident.