Do guys like a girl that can be one of the guys?

I find that often at parties im the "chill" one that doesn't really flirt with guys and can actually drink a beer and not freak out about getting fat. I love sports, cars and other things most people would deem as "guy things". I still dress like a girl if that makes sense. Like I will throw on a dress, curl my hair, do my makeup, etc. but its just not in my personality to hardcore flirt or stuff like that.


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  • Guys like girls that can be "one of the guys" when they are hanging out, meaning they are comfortable, laugh along with crude jokes, don't get easily offended, and don't complain about "guy stuff." And if you just want to be friends, that's all good.

    But if you are looking to get a boyfriend from one of these guys you are hanging out with, you ALSO need to flirt a bit, and let him know that you are interested, or he'll never make a move, assuming that you just aren't interested. No guy wants to embarrass himself by misreading a friendly sign as a come-on and have to be told by a "guy's girl" that she wasn't interested, so you have to flirt aggressively and overtly enough that he's SURE you like him, and that means making an obvious effort to do so.


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  • Well, usually it's unattractive to me when my girlfriend acts like one of the guys, because that usually means she talks to other guys often, and i'm not comfortable with that yet. :p But, it's really nice to know you don't flirt with other guys.. unless by "hardcore flirting" you meant just a little bit u_u


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  • YAAAY! Someone like me!

    I guess they do, cause I get quite a bit of attention! Not always the right way or from the right "kind" of guys, but I still do. It's both very flattering and super duper annoying at the same time..!
    I also haaaaate flirting! It's something I cannot do.
    But I think we're cool! ;)

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