Do girls think I am NOT attractive or something in the club... I am confused?

So when I have been to the club there have been weird moments with girls I don't understand.

1) For instance there were this group of girls who were staring , so I smiled and they smiled back.
Then I complimented this girl in the group that she was pretty and she repeated the compliment to her friend and giggled.
After that they were doing sexual positions behind me while dancing. I thought it was weird and left.

2) Then when I was dancing a girl just smiled at me, so I smiled back. A guy comes so she leaves.

3) Then when I was casually talking to my friend near the bar , a young woman looks at me and say's, " Please stop looking at me" softly. Her drunk husband then comes and leaves when I explain I wasn't looking.

4) Another attractive woman at the bar said, " Are you wearing a bikini tonight" and giggled.

5) Finally I can remember that as I left the club I grabbed a pizza roll to eat and this random girl asks if she could share a piece of my pizza roll.

But I think I am normal looking , so why are women responding weird to me.

I didn't ask out any girl the nights, because of they way they act towards me.

Opinion please.




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  • You're new to alcohol, aren't you?

    • To be honest I don't drink much... Just in limit.

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    • Thanks again. But lastly how would they have reacted if they were attracted to me... Is it different from the above situation that happened to me...

    • I can't tell you how they would have reacted - they're all individual people and each would have their own approach to the situation.

      But what you have described of those people just sounds like drunken babble.

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  • Throw up a photo. That's the only way for us to tell you. :)
    Otherwuse it just sounds like drunk people being drunk

    • Hey there... Thanks for you comment. I can send a link to your message box. Please check and let me know. Thanks.

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    • I get hit on all the time by drunk guys, drunk girls are still girls, we don't often hit on guys. Maybe 1 out of 20 has the guts. Usually we are too nervous to even talk to a strange man

    • Haha... You should be the one to hit on Drunk guys from now on... nah, just kidding..

      Anyways thanks for ur help... Take care, young lady..

  • Girls at clubs are simply there to have fun bc they know they're pretty and have the upper hand. If you're looking to meet a girl at a club or bar, or have a great conversation with one, I suggest you try somewhere else.

    • Thanks... But did the above women find me attractive to react like that or were they just too drunk?

  • Everyone has a different opinion on whats attractive and whats not. You can't really base it off from a club where most likely they were drunk or tipsy. Alcohol does funny things to ones idea of whats attractive or not.

    • Thanks... But did they think I was attractive or not... Coz I am not funny looking ( people say I look good) and didn't do funny things that night.

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    • I agree... By the way you looked cute creepy in that Halloween pic...

      But anyways, I thought that those women ( 1 -5 ) were really cute excluding the married woman;... oh well becoz she was married.

      So their actions made me wary of communicating and I thought..."do they like me or hate me"..."oh screw this " and left.

    • Hey there... Sorry if I was bugging u with my questions. I apologise if any of my comments were annoying... I just thought u were a good person to help me out... Thanks.

  • What were you wearing that night?

    • I was wearing a pair of nice jeans and a plain shirt...

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    • haha.. nothing like that...

    • Lol... then I got nothing. I guess I would have just had to have been there to see how the womens body language, facial expressions, and how you were exactly :/

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  • Mistake 1: Never tell a girl she's pretty, it always comes off as creepy. You can compliment her on something she's done well, the way she did her hair. Never compliment on natural beauty.

    Put the rest down to bad luck, and try harder next time.

    • Thanks bro... Do you think they found me attractive or unattractive at least...
      Coz I know I am normal looking ( people say I look good) and don't do funny things. So why would they act towards me like that?

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    • A lot of fish in the sea... ehhh?

    • Coolies. Glad to have added a term to your vocabulary lol

  • Alcohol does strange things.

    • It does I guess.. haha by the way, i was wondering if any of the girls listed (1-5) above could have had any possible interest in me?

  • The club is tough man... Here is a fucking secret. Get a nice car and pick up chicks at gas stations. OMFG it's cake.

    • haha thanks, bro... But why did they react like that towards me. Did the find me attractive or not? I am not funny looking (people say I look good) and I didn't do anything funny that night..

    • Tough to say. I think I am definitely above average looking and I am really good with women. Although, I have found getting women attention in the club scene is not an easy task. So many factors need to be just right. Chicks sometimes act different than they normally would around their friends... then you've got to account for cock blockers, douche guy friends with them, grenades, etc

    • Thanks again. I was pretty quiet at the club and just enjoying the dance, as I can dance quite well.
      I never showed any attention to the girl, and didn't notice them.

      Since you say it's hard to get attention at the club, do you say the attention I got that night was in a positive way...

  • Dude fuck club girls they act this way because they know guy's want them it's better to hook up with a girl you already know.

    • Hey bro... Thanks... But the thing is I didn't give them attention. I was with my mates having fun and when I turned around or walked casually to the bar it happened.

      I am pretty quiet and didn't even notice them initially.