So what is this all about hard to get Bs?

Hey everyone,

This question is very interesting. Playing hard to get is attractive really?

For me, I will find it even more attractive if the person makes his or her feelings crystal clear but put efforts to show it in different ways.

I mean, if I like a girl I tell her right away that I am interested in her and I will be engaging in pursue her to make her my woman. Right after the first date.

What I do is to show the exact same feelings in different ways. I mean I will buy her a gift related to her hobby or passion. Leave the surprise dinner on her car. Write poems about her over all feminine. I tell her directly what I would do when I will be blessed by time to have her in my arms. I planned things in unusual ways. I hug and tell that she is a beautiful woman and I am just happy that I have a pleasure to pursue her. I engage in intense eye contact, make her smile, send her funny texts, encourage her to just enjoy herself. U tell her to the point "HONEY, I WANT YOU TO BE IN MY LIFE BUT I LOVE YOUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE" I am not here to win you but just to give you unusual memories and I want you to just enjoy the journey. I pour my heart out.

I have always been successfull with this method and I think its more interesting to give meaning to a small things.

Wtf is all about playing hard to get? I have nothing else to do but go nuts because someone is ain't paying attention to me instead of putting the effort that I can appreciate?

What's your point girls?


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  • you sound too clingy. if a guy did that to me right after the first date I would wonder if he had some screws loose, especially if you routinely do this to every girl you date.

    • Well, your point.

      I don't date just every girl. I go on a date only after I have spent time with them and we share the certain comfort level. I don't use date to get to know a person from point zero.

      I go for a date after I have a pretty good idea about her and she has a good idea about me. I don't have a life to waste to go on so many dates. I steer clear. I don't date girls from bars or clubs. I get the girls whom I get to meet while doing my various hobbies and I know them for a while.

      Communication is a VITAL part, if both parties can't have it freely. There is nothing to gain and it usually ends with a bitter taste if dating fails or judgement.

      You know what, I can still go to any girl that I chose to date and go for just a beer, talk and relax. I know it from their behaviour towards me as I get to meet them in person on a regular basis. I am pretty sure you wouldn't want to do anything with someone who is VERY CLINGY guy.

  • No it's not attractive at all in my opinion. I don't like it when guys play hard to get. It shows that theyre immature and mostly only girls play hard to get. Don't do it.
    Please answer mine?


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