Why do girls on pof work so much?

I don't get it. Like the last 3 girls I've been messaging I've found out that they work ridiculous hours. I'm talking 12hrs/day 6 days a week kind of thing. wtf? I guess that's why they're on a dating site. lol Who in their right mind would work that much?


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  • Here's what I've learned about online dating, and here is something you need to ask yourself: Why would beautiful women need to use online dating to find a man?

    Simple answer: They are damaged.

    A lot of women are on these sites because they have been hurt so much in the past, so they like the attention guys give them, they act really hard, or they have a ton of requirements for men!

    But, to answer, your question: I met this girl on Tinder (we are kinda friends now, nothing more)... she works 3 jobs and goes to school, and she is usually up from 6AM-3AM! When we were sharing our views on men and women, she told me she has given up on ever finding the right guy... so she channels all of her energy into working and making money.

    As far as I could see, that's probably why most of these women work so much.


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  • One who needs the pay the bills lmao

    • I'd just think they would find a better paying job than work two crappy jobs only to still barely make an ok living.

    • Yea they probably do t have any marketable skills. Hence the free dating site.
      If you want s better quality go to eharmoney or match

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  • Girls on Pof work a lot, have Amazing careers, Amazing friends and family, go to the gym 7 days a week, have traveled all over the world, and are only looking for a down to earth guy to enjoy nights at home on the couch with a movie and glass of wine. But they can't meet the right guy!!!

    Girls on Pof are full of shit bro.