Is he looking for more than I am?

So I went on this date a few weeks back. And when we met, we originally agreed it wouldn't be anything serious. I just got out of a really long, really bad relationship, and I don't want to get into another. The truth is, I want good friendship, and good sex, and that's basically what the arrangement is. When we first got together, it was amazing for the fact that it wasn't perfect--the date, not the sex. The sex was awkward, but good. The next time, we got together and watched movies. And since then, he's initiated cuddling. Like, he'll pull me to him to cuddle on his chest, or pull my legs over his if we're sitting on the couch side-by-side. He'll hold me until we both fall asleep, and we'll wake up like this. And he doesn't seem to want to let go, or leave. And obviously the sex isn't so awkward, it's really good. But since the last date, he's been texting me more, asking about how I am, what I'm doing. Asking more personal questions about my life, if I need anything. I'm starting to wonder if he's feeling more for me than we originally planned on, but I don't know. HE initiates the cuddles. HE doesn't want to leave. HE usually texts me first. He wants to games online and through the phone. We haven't exchanged FB's yet. But sometimes the way he cuddles me, or talks to me, makes me think he's expecting more out of this than I am. Not saying he's not a great guy, but right now, after all the shit I went through with my ex (left me almost ten grand in debt, for one, because he rented shit and forged my name as a cosigner, which I never signed as) I'm not sure I'm ready for a real relationship. Does it sound like he is looking for more, or am I being paranoid?


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  • I am always dubious about friends with benefits type arrangement as more often than not feelings do start to develop, and this seems the case.

    He is trying to show you affection and perhaps does want more. If you don't then you need to stop this now and not lead him on anymore, you will lose your friends with benefits but it would be the right thing to do.

    Either way you need to talk to him

    • How would I bring up the convo?

    • Well it's a delicate conversation but you need be honest and you will probably hurt him but you don't want to enter a problem where you End up in a relationship you don't want.

    • I have a date with him tonight. I'll see where everything goes. I appreciate your answer. Thank you.

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  • Maybe but you do need to talk to him about the situation


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