Should I be worried about meeting this girls parents?

Im 23 and the last month or so a 17 year old girl has started flirting with me and weve been talking a lot. We have a lot in common, she's about to start college, and im trying to get back into college. So its not like were at different stages or anything. But weve both admitted to liking one another and if we start dating I want to make sure her parents are ok with it. Im kind of nervous about that because she has told me that they argue a lot about things and while i don't think there's a big deal in our age gap given where we both are in our lives, her parents possibly could. Im going to talk to her about it first but does anyone have any tips or anything? I genuinely like her and am not trying to take advantage of her or anything like that. I just dont want to cause a rift in their family or anything. Any thoughts?


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  • Talk to her. If she wants you to tell them, then do tell them. But it's just the best if you see what she has to say.

    • I will talk to her first. But I still want to tell them. Hiding it from them is a really good way to piss them off i think. So being honest is probably best.

    • Honesty is the best policy. But unthinking honesty only causes trouble. I am not trying to convince you not to tell, just think it through bc as much as the age gap is non-bothering for you guys, it won't be that cool for the parents. That's just what I think. :)

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