Boyfriend issue with baby mom relationship?

So I recently moved in with my boyfriend of four years only to find out that he is still being covered as a common law to his baby mothers work benefits but they have not been together or so I thought in years. There daughter is ten and his baby mother now has another child with someone else. Am I wrong to be upset and want him to ask her to remove his name? Let me know if I'm over thinking it But his only answer for me is she s never taken him off

I guess my issue is why he is still on her benefits when it's not his x wife and there not together but he's under her work benefits as common law and they have broken up since his daughter was 2


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  • Honestly, relationships are a lot of work. On top of that, you need to be invested in it. I personally read a lot of relationship books and things like that to help me, but it didn't help me as well as one on one interactions. I actually signed up on multiple forums to get help with problems like this and even at to be led in the right direction. By doing this, my relationship has been extremely healthy now!


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  • Eh. So what is the case exactly? Your boyfriends ex-wife is still married to him? Your boyfriends ex-wife is still using the health insurance coverage of your boyfriend? Your Boyfriend is still covered by the health insurance of his ex-wife? Why are you talking about the child they have together?

    Is therre fraud in the picture here? If he is commiting fraud you could make an issue of it. If he on the other hand is helping the mother of his child, then you should stay out of it.


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