What does it mean to be a cool girl?

I dated a guy who said he wanted to remain friends even thought at the moment he didn't have the oppurtunity to start a serious relationship because of bad timing.

He said he wanted to remain friends not because we met on a dating app but because im a cool girl.

So what defines a cool girl? Im not the boish sporty type og girl, im very feminin and girly.

He told me what attrackted him to me was that i was confident, cute and had a stupid humour.


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  • it means to dont get pissed off easily


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  • I could be mistaken and I also apologise for being so blunt but it seems like he may not be physically attracted to you although really enjoys your company and enjoys spending time because of your personality.

    Again might be reading this all wrong but I know some guys who feel they need both.

    • I know what you mean but he did tell me he liked me and he was the one who kissed me first and was sexual etc, so if he wasn't attrackd to me than he wouldn't have done those things before saying he can't take it further into a serious thing?

    • This is true. Unless he was looking for a hookup but also a way to back out without hurting you immediately. Sorry for sounding so negative here but I have friends who did this to girls when my mates were younger and stupid.
      (What I am about to say does not apply to all guys, just situations I have seen a lot. Sadly even my little brother during his "playa days")

      When guys are horny, young and stupid, we allow our dicks to talk instead of our head which of course allows us to judge what is right and wrong, when this happens, our personal standards can lower quite a lot whether that be looks or personality. Once they have gotten what they were after and uh.."release", their brain kicks back into gear and then they realise they have fucked up and need to figure out a backout plan because they will feel guilty if they see you hurt after it.

      PS: You sound like an awesome chick who deserves an awesome guy who treats you with love.

  • It generally means you're fun to hang around with and not demanding.


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  • Laid back understanding low maintenance?