Did I screw things up?

So long story short this guy and I met on Tinder. We matched and he said hello. Anyways, that moved into starting to text. We were texting pretting frequently and throughout the day. We both agreed that we'd like to meet in person. This started on a Wednesday. He asked to take me to dinner the following Monday and I agreed to it. He went out of town for work a a couple days later. He called me during that time once and we cintinued texting. He ended up coming home early and asked to see a movie that night (Sunday) as well as the date for Monday. I agreed. So the date was great. We were bioth comforatble with eachother, kissed, and went back to his place to cuddle (no, we didn't have sex. I told him i wanted to wait). Anyways, the next day he texted me and we were still on for our dinner date. Sometime during the date he wrote a tweet sbout women. Jt wasn't exactly positive. I started overthinking and got to the point where i texted him asking if it was about me. I know, that was wrong. Long story short he didn't answer for hours and it was very close to the time we were supposed to go to dinner. I went a little nuts and sent him 2 more texts about the tweet and how he didn't answer so i was assuming it was about me. Finally, about an hour after we were supposed to be at dinner he texted saying he just woke up and saw my texts and he didn't understand why i thought they were about me. I explained and then the texting just stopped. I waited a day and then apoligized.. Again. We're texting again now but not the way we used to. It's distant/not as flirty. And still no rain check on another date. Should i just let it go? Ask him if we can hang out soon? Or ask if I screwed it up? I likr him and he had told me he likes me as well, hell!

I just want to know from a male prespective if this hapoened with you how would you feel? Would you just want to move on or would it just take you time to get over it? When I apolized he said "don't be sorry, it just threw me off" he said he's not mad and he forgot about it. It's just that the way he's acting makes me think otherwise.


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  • If he is still texting he likes you, he might actually be holding back because he feels he hurt you with the tweet. I know at times after I have upset women I will pull way back and go slower. Just keep at it, if it turns into something great and if not oh well. Move on from the Twitter thing though it sounds like something that could turn bad very very quick if you bring it up again, He could also just be testing the waters. I'm sure your not crazy it just sounds like you like him and signals got crossed. But he could just be taking it slow to make sure that's all it is. Maybe a little of both. Just take it slow and after a week or so say something like "Hey I was going to go see *blank* on Saturday, would you want to tag along?" and see how he responds. Also what ever activity or event you casually ask him to join you on make it in the middle of the day so it feels less datey and more like hanging out. Also make it sound like you are doing the activity with or without him, that way it takes pressure off him and makes you seem a little harder to get and more independent.

    • Great. Thanks for the advice. The texting pretty much stopped so i've pretty much forgotten about it and moved on. Note to self though: Social meida CAN and WILL ruin things! Lol. If only they weren't invented. Thanks for taking the time to write the isnight though. :)

    • Im sorry, im sure you will find someone and we live we learn. Next time just be sneaking when asking about the tweet "jeeze did a women steal your first born son?" lol. I pissed off my ex all the time on accident venting on Facebook so I have learned these lessons from the other end. I wish you luck and Im glad I could help even if I didn't get to help :P

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  • What was his tweet?

    • Also when did he send the tweet? Your story is confusing, you said "during the date" he sent it, but then later you say "he didn't answer for hours and it was getting close to the time we were supposed to go to dinner".


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    • Hmm okay. Yeah he said it was fine too. It's just now in his texts he's not really being flirty anymore and it's been 4 days. Does this mean I should expect another date?

    • Well try asking. :3

      Maybe he's just more self-conscious now, after that incident. You might have to encourage him a little more.

  • Ask him to hangout see what happens


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