If I want to remain friends with a girl I've taken on a couple dates, what's the best way to stop dating her?

I go on a lot of dates with girls who I end up not being very interested in. If I lose interest after 2 or 3 dates then I just stop calling and they never hear from me again, but sometimes I see them around and things are weird.

I'd like to remain friends with these girls even if I don't want to date them. Is there a way to smooth things over so I can stop dating them without running into awkwardness if I see them again?



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  • I would honestly try to get to know them in the most casual settings possible. The less you build up the excitement of a potential relationship for the girl, the less likely she will be to get hurt. Rather than setting up plans and formally trying to be the "generic perfect date", ask her to run errands with you or go somewhere more public and interactive. Maybe if she doesn't feel as if she is on an actual date, she will most likely question from the start if you want to be anything more than friends. Then, if you do see her as more, you can upgrade to a more proper date setting.

  • Hm just tell her you can't feel more than friendship coming from her for now... Give the excuse that you're going through a hard situation and ask some time for the dating bc at this moment you need a friend and you feel like she is a great friend and say "let's keep hanging out and see where it goes.." And slowly push her to the friendship zone


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