Worst date stories!?

How did you meet? What date # was it? What made it so bad? Did you give them another chance or walk away? How old were you at the time?

Let's see whose got the best, worst date story! Winner gets MHO.

I was expecting more stories. Is everyone having really nice dates these days? C'mon there's gotta be some bad ones people have been on haha


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  • Met a guy off a dating site. Went out for drinks.

    When I got there, he was already drunk. Instead of meeting me outside or at the door, he called me to tell me he was waving by the bar... did I see him? Well I didn't recognize him based on his profile pic... taken maybe 10 years earlier, apparently.

    He reeked of alcohol. I did the nice
    thing and finished the date. He walks me to my car and leans in for what I assumed was a hug.

    He reached down and grabbed my boobs. Both of them. And tried to kiss me. I shoved him back, he apologizes, comes in again and grabbed my butt. I shoved him again and got into my car. But wait... there's more.

    I got home and my phone rings. He tried to tell me he got pulled over for drink driving. Ready? He said the cops told him he had to get a ride home and left him there, in his car, keys and all. And left him alone there. Did I mind coming to pick him up and take him home?

    There is no way he got pulled over and let go around here... these cops do not play games. I told him that if they left him there he should start the car and take his lying pathetic drunk a$$ home.

    For some reason I never heard from him again...


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  • I asked this cute girl at my job several years ago to have a cup of coffee with me and I went along thinking wow I am going on a date with a beautiful woman and she's smart and funny too. I was super excited and I had high hopes. Turns out she was pregnant and her baby daddy was getting out of county jail after doing three months and she's going to marry him when I gets out. Total fucking bummer man. Girls should try harder to give out more clues to big issues like that when I ask them to coffee because my hope was shattered in an instant and I actually took it kinda hard because we had flirted quite a bit and I got the impression that we had some chemistry and things may get a little hot between us you know. At least I didn't spend much on the date except for a few bucks for drinks and a few hours of preparing and building up the confidence to go through with it. I guess I got a little experience out of it though.

    • Omg didn't expect that. U must have had a major shock. :p But yeah at least it didn't cost you much. I mean why did u even pay when it wasn't really a date?

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    • Eh neither. I just pretty much ignored her after that. We talked but I wasn't too excited about her anymore

    • Can't blame ya :p

  • Went to the movies to meet a girl I met on the net she looked nothing like her pics at. She was using someone elses pics. Felt bad so still watched the movie but I left fast afterward. Then saw her in the chat room again having guys falling over her fake pics so I said what was up telling the chat room she was a fraud. Then she started calling me short. Which I am 5'8 but I'd rather be short than a fake.

    • Wow... I'm always afraid to try online dating because of that reason there. It's so easy for people to be fake on the web it's pretty sad. I mean what does she expect when u see her? Obviously she wasn't going to look like someone else's photo. Stupid people.

    • I know then she was back in the chat room using the pics trying to get attention from other guys lol. Like even her teeth were different like they kind of had similar features eyes and hair but they looked totally different

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