Meeting a girl who wrote me on Craigslist?

so I'm meeting a girl who wrote replied to my CL casual encounters add. anything I should consider when going on the date with her?


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  • yeah have her meet you at a place where she will find a walkie talkie and then ID her from the distance.


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  • Yea leave your bank/credit cards/ SS card or anything important like that at home and only bring enough cash for like dinner and gas or whatever you need for what you plan on doing incase she's just looking to swip your shit. And maybe sit back in a corner so you can see her when she walks in, incase you decide you wanna bolt Bc she looks nothing like a pic you seen or whatever the case may be.

  • Sounds like a bad idea. Most horny women use tinder, Craigslist is usually for the people who are shady and don't want to reveal much info about themselves. There's always a chance it could be a psychopath, hooker or a dude or all three combined. So meet during the day at a public place like a coffee shop at a mall. Don't give out your address and don't offer to drop her home.

    • Thank you! I'm gonna cancel

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  • Personally I think this is a really bad idea. I don't want to sound like a pessimist, but I wouldn't go through with it.

    • ok thanks. I think I'll just cancel it.

    • Just looking out for ya, just doesn't sound safe.

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