No reason? No reason? Possible? Boredom?

The guy I was dating seemed very interested in me, but then he didn't message me that often and we haven't kissed for like two weeks, so I asked him if h got bored... he said he thinks it's over. He also said there's no special reason about that and we could still be friends. I've seen him in clubs since then but we didn't talk. My friend noticed him looking at me a couple of times, but I was ignoring him. What should I do? I really miss him.

  • A: Text him and ask him if you could try again.
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  • B: Ignore him, he's a total jerk.
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Oh, and was it a mistake that I asked him?


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  • I don't choose B. he told you in some kind of way that you don't work together and that is why he started going this way.
    just find another guy or are you already claimed to him

    • But the last time we went out he said : we could be in a serious relationship, who knows... like, he had plans for us, didn't sound like he was bored, and he messaged me after that i just dk

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    • So I should text him? and look desperate? I don't know if he still has feelings...

    • then don't

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  • He only looks at you b/c you're there & y'all have a past. You're reading too much into it, & you'll only set yourself up for disappointment. Been there done that. It sucks.

    • So, what did you do?

    • Just move on, trust me, a guy like that is worth nothing. Meet new people, but don't do that to get over someone. Try dating websites like POF. Find someone in the same mind set as you, not someone who will just drop you like it's hot & not try to pursue anything more with you. He isn't worth the time, trust me.

  • If he's willing to, you guys can just be friends cause it sounds like he just got bored

  • forget him and move on.

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