How does an introvert ever meet his potential girlfriend?

It obviously happens as plenty of introverts are somehow married.


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  • Introvert =/= recluse or anti-social.

    I am an introvert. And I ask girls out in public. You simply grow a pair and ask.

    • How? After talking to them for a bit?

    • Yeah, introverted just means that you prefer fewer, but closer relationships with people.

    • @asker
      It's pretty simple. Walk up and say hello, get into a quick chat (keep it light/fun), then either ask for her number or a date and her number. Over and done with in a few brief minutes. Sometimes you can go on a date right then and there if both of you have the time and interest.

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  • We talk to people and socialize with everyone else, just with our own special rules and boundaries. It's not like introverts stay inside and away from the public 24/7...

  • internet dating.


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  • Just think "fuck it!" Then walts up to the girl and finally ask her out after months of staring at her from a distance

    • By that time though she would have already labelled you a stalker.

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