How do I know if he just wants to hook up?

I have been flirting with a guy in my college class for awhile now I finally got his number and got the nerve to ask if he would want to hang out. He told me we had to work and that he planned on getting drunk with friends after. But he would be willing to after. I didn't want to hangout with him for the first time when he was drunk and when I told him this he said "I'll behave" Nothing in our conversations has ever been sexual. And in class he is really nice tries to make me smile on my bad days, jokes around and nudges me a lot. I thought he was a great guy someone I would want to get to know better but now I wonder if he was just looking to hook up with me all along. Tell me what you think.

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  • Dang, you don't cut any slack. If he doesn't make moves or is trying to talk about sex, he may like you. Hang out and don't put out. That's how you will know. He won't hang around more than a few weeks if he's just wanting to pump and dump.


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  • You can't really tell until you give him a chance. If he does try to hook up then you can always back out.

  • Thats an easy one, If you relationship revolves around sex. Or if you can have days and weeks go by spending time together without sex.

    Its not about you entirely.

  • Go get him..


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