I'm crazy about her and she's moving away with her BF. I'll prolly never see her again. What's the worst that could happen if I tell her how I feel?

I know there are some bad outcomes, let's see em. I try to be thoughtful but like I said I'm crazy about her. A bit more than half of me says that this would be a really selfish move on my part. Some female perspective would be nice? We are "just friends" at the most and that would be saying a lot but it's not that simple. Yes I can physically stay away from her if need be.

OK I hate to be a control freak jerk but let me clarify; I'm not asking for vague life coaching platitudes. I would like some specific outcomes to the suggested scenario which is me tell her. I thought maybe someone has been there before. This is about her. How it would make her feel. Hopefully that clears up all confusion.
Ok so for anyone who might find this question on a search engine, just keep your mouth shut if you're in a situation like I was when I asked the internet this question. I would love to expand (expound?) on this but not here. Seriously dudes, keep it to yourself.
Ok girlsaskguys. com please delete this question, this website is useless. I haven't "been online" like this for years and for some reason I thought this place was OK when I signed up but it sucks actually. So please just delete this.
Oh and "Deft_maiden", can you even read? I said that I was probably never going to see her again. Losing her friendship for good was inevitable.


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  • I've always thought about some form of closure to let someone know the feelings I would never be able to say in person. I would honestly use that opportunity of her leaving to your advantage, besides, even if you can't avoid her, there should be no shame in having affection for someone. You will, at the worst case, just flatter her and she will take no action on your word. She may, however, take advantage of it and consider you if she has feeling for you too! If you don't do it, you may continuously wonder what could have been. Go for it confidently!


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  • Ohhh. A tough one. Spill your heart out to someone who probably doesn't feel the same or swallow it down so she never finds out?

    Write your feelings down in a letter and stash it. If after a month you still feel the same, give it to her. I bet a month will temper your feelings a bit though.

    Telling her will serve no purpose and will only make her feel awkward. It will blow any chance you have to keep a friendship with her. If I were her and had a BF I was moving away with, I would not want to know.

    Besides, I bet she already kind of knows anyway. We have a remarkable sense of these things.

  • It's for the best.. You need to find someone who is available.. Look at the glass half full

    • hey thanks for stopping by but that doesn't really give me an answer. to the question.

    • I thought I did in a way lol.. So what do u hope to accomplish by confessing? That she leaves him for you? Are you willing to start off a relationship like that?
      Worst case is obvious, you creep her out and lose her friendship for good.

  • I think it depends on how much you know her. Its you been in love with her for years then yeah i think its fair for you to confess at least for closure to yourself. If its just a thing then i dont think its really worth it..


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