I'm almost 18 and I've never had a crush?

I know i like guys but I've never really been interested in being in a relationship with anyone I've met. I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with me because I've had guys ask me out before but I always said no because I wasn't interested in them or in being in a relationship. Is this normal? I started to think about this because I've always had friends talking to me about their crush.


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  • It's not normal. It's brilliant! You're fabulous! Don't try to be like those dumb-@#$ friends who start dating at fourteen and have to wait till they're in their twenties before they can get married or get more serious! "You should always be one step ahead of yourself." Is something that my married friend told me. He said that if I want to date, I should be in a right position for marriage. Meaning that I should have some sort of a job and ready to support another person if I have to. If you're getting married, then you should be ready to start a family. It doesn't mean that you will always rush yourself to the next step, but this creates a good environment in which you take the relationship far more seriously.

    You don't have to take my advice, but I would tell you to keep doing what you're doing till you're at least in college. And you'll be ahead of your friends who waste their time and emotions on touchy-feely stuff that will not last.


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  • Maybe you just haven't found the right one?


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